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How Important is Lighting To Your Wedding?

For many brides-to-be, the lighting often takes a backseat to the hundred-and-one decisions about who’s sitting next to whom, which wine to buy and who the heck is supervising the kid’s table.

For those people, it’s worth remembering that on day one a certain someone was heard to proclaim “let there be light” and if you want to look like a the Goddess you are and make sure you can find your partner on the dancefloor at the end of the evening, it’s worth giving the lighting a thought.

  • What do you need

In the same way that every wedding is different, you’re going to find a lighting solution that’s not right for you but perfect for the photos. Modern cameras can make up for a lack of light, but consult with your photographer about the best kind of lighting to use so everyone can bring back a fully visible piece of the evening.

  • Light to dark

While everyone wants their big day to be unique, unless you’re holding your reception in Alaska you’re going to have to deal with the sky moving from light to dark. For many, candles are the best choice here, letting people decide for themselves when to light up, and there are many colorful alternatives to keep things fire safe. Fairy lights, LED butterflies and electronic candles are all great options.

  • Letting things shine

And when the night does draw in, make the most of it. Releasing Chinese lanterns is always going to look incredible and the band will feel as good as you do when that first-dance picture is taken to a forest of lighters held up in the air.

At Infinity Films, we understand the importance of lighting. Chat to us about your choice of venue and the timing of the ceremony, and we will make sure it is perfectly lit.


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