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Are Props OK to Use for My Wedding Photos?

Unfortunately, the human memory is not “built” to remember just about everything out there – but that’s why we have invented technologies that help us record memories and “refresh” ourselves years from the moment of an event.

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Your wedding day is, undoubtedly, one of those events you would like to keep untainted in your memory. Although you will probably remember it for the rest of your life, you will also want to make sure that there are plenty of photos and videos to remind you just how magical everything felt on that special day.

Props can add a lot of fun and style to a wedding photo album – regardless of whether you want a separate photo shooting session or if you want the photos to be shot at the wedding reception/ceremony only. Here are some great props ideas you will definitely love:

  • A luxury car. Well, you may not be able to own one, but since this is your wedding day and you’ll want to feel like royalty, a luxury car can look amazing in your pictures.

  • A vintage car. Again, vintage cars in good condition are probably too expensive for anyone out there to actually own – but you can at least have one of them in your wedding pictures.

  • “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “His” and “Hers” signs. These ones look lovely for the separate wedding photo shooting and for a photo booth you may choose to place at your wedding.

  • Moustaches, glasses and other masks. These kinds of props are absolutely hilarious. You can use them for your separate photo shooting, but they can provide your guests with something really fun to do if you get them for your photo booth.

No matter what your wedding photo props decision may be, we can help you create an album as magical as your special day. Contact Infinity Films and we’ll be there to catch the very essence of your wedding day – on film and tape, so that you never forget just how beautiful everything was!

Photo source: Kolin Toney

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