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Should My Reception Be Videoed?

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and it is definitely one of those moments you will want to keep alive forever. After all, you have been preparing for it for many months now and you really want to be able to remember every tiny detail.


That’s perfectly understandable. And it is doable these days when video and photo technology have reached such a high level of definition. You can now store hours and hours of videos on simple and small devices and you can now enjoy re-watching your wedding even if it’s been 40 years since.

And yet, many people think that videoing the reception is not necessary. Of course, nothing is “necessary” on your wedding day (because, in the end, it is your big day and nobody else’s). Still, you may want to consider having a professional make a film out of your reception too, and not just out of your ceremony. Why would you do that? Here are some of the reasons:

  • You have most likely spent a lot of time planning the reception – even more than you did with the ceremony and the cocktail hours (if you chose to have any). Thus, you will want to see everything through your guest’s eyes too and a video can help you with that.

  • There will be tons of fun moments at the reception and re-watching it later on will be more than enjoyable. Tears, tossing the bouquet, all the fun and the games your guests and you enjoyed at the reception – you can have all these “on tape” to watch them again and again!

  • You don’t necessarily have to have your entire wedding on film from its beginning to the moment the last guest leaves the room. As a matter of fact, a good videographer can make a nice collage for you and, with a bit of creativity, he/she can actually make a really artistic and beautiful movie out of your wedding reception.

  • You’ll definitely want your first dance and your father-daughter dance to be recorded!

Whatever you choose though, rest assured that Infinity Films will be there for you. We have the experience and the gear necessary to really capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding – contact us and we’ll be there to make everything memorable!

Photo source: DeSantis

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