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Creative and Fun Photo Ideas

Your wedding is such a big moment in your life that you will definitely want to keep it alive forever in your memory. Taking photos is an amazing way of making sure that you will remember this beautiful day for many years to come.


However, many times couples get “swept” into taking “traditional” photos where everyone simply smiles and poses. If you want something more creative than that and if you want to have fun with your wedding photo sessions, make sure to check out the following ideas:

  • Trash the dress photo sessions are becoming extremely popular and you may want to ask your photographer to do this for you. Basically, you will be shooting photos dressed in your wedding gown (and your spouse dressed in his suit or tuxedo) in an unusual place for such an attire. This may be a ranch, an old abandoned house or anything that creates a strong contrast with your elegant clothes. Sometimes, the dress is actually “trashed” in water, wine or even mud for the sake of the photo shooting – but the pictures look amazing!

  • If you have a particular color theme for your wedding and your attendants are dressed according to it, photos that reveal this will look very beautiful. You may want to add props that feature your color theme.

  • Taking photos with your bridesmaids before all of you are ready can also be a great idea. Take photos of you and your bridesmaids getting your hair and make-up done. Maybe first thing in the morning just sitting and relaxing with your girls. Let your imagination take you where it will for these pre-wedding moments to capture!

  • Take a photo with your dad when he sees you dressed as a bride for the first time! This will definitely be emotional! A moment you both will always cherish!

  • Silly photos. You don’t have to be serious and all-glossy-magazine-like in your photos. You can have some fun too! Pose in odd positions, make funny faces and make this a “mandatory” thing for all of your guests!

Whatever you choose for your big day, rest assured that Infinity Films will be there for you. Contact us and we’ll make sue that you get the most beautiful, emotional, fun and creative wedding photos you will enjoy for a long time to come!

Photo source: Chiang

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