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Should I Have a Shot List for My Photographer?

Weddings are very difficult to plan out and your attention to every detail is absolutely required. If you want all your hard work to be truly memorable, you will also want to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of this very important day in your life.


Aside from choosing the best photographer, you will also have to think of ways in which you will want to be portrayed in the wedding album. Many brides ask themeselves whether they will have to have a shot list for their photographer – and that’s actually a very good question indeed. Read on and find out more about what you should do in regards to this.

  • Yes, you do need a shot list for your photographer if you want specific poses and you have a vision of how you want your photos to turn out. While a professional photographer will know that he/she has to capture certain essential moments (e.g. the first dance), he/she will not be a mind-reader when it comes to the other shots. So yes,in this case create a shot list!

  • Think of the top 10 moments you really want your photographer to capture at your wedding and put them on the list. Some of them may be already his/her idea of what he/she should capture, while others may not.

  • Do the same with the top 10 people you want your photographer to focus on (your parents, the bridesmaids and so on) and with the top 10 items as well (center pieces, bouquet, the wedding cake and so on).

  • Try to keep it simple because it will be difficult to pull of pre-fabbed pictures and still enjoy the most of your wedding. Keep it as natural as possible and ask your photographer to keep an eye on those sweet moments (such as when your father sees you dressed as a bride, for example).

If you need someone who will really know how to capture the sweetness, romance and emotion in your wedding, Infinity Films is here for you. Contact us and you’ll have the best photographer taking pictures of your magical day!

Photo source: crazy jason

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