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Should I Do Pre-Wedding Photos?

Wedding photography has become a “must” every bride and groom want for their big day. However, these days the wide range of services professional photographers offer can be quite confusing for someone who is planning their wedding.


Aside from the wedding photos themselves, many couples choose to have pre-wedding photo sessions as well. Should you do it too? Here are some of the main reasons to go for it!

  • Your wedding day will be very busy. In between the ceremony and the reception and in between walking down the aisle and bidding farewell to your guests, there are many moments your photographer will capture. However, you may find that there’s not enough time to shoot some genuinely artistic photos and having a pre-wedding session could help you with that.

  • You can take your time. A pre-wedding photo shoot will allow you to re-do your makeup as to many times as you need. Furthermore, you will have the time to find the perfect poses for your pictures as well. While you can do all these things on your actual wedding day, why not do them in a relaxed way, without guests waiting for you?

  • Some brides want to stick to tradition when it comes to allowing their groom to see them in their wedding dresses before the big “I Do”. If you are among them, that’s your decision. However, your pre-wedding photos do not necessarily have to be in your actual wedding gown.

  • Proposal or engagement photos are quite popular. While capturing the actual moment he pops the question is not possible due to its spontaneous nature, your photographer can help you reconstitute the proposal. This way, you can add these photos to your wedding album for a more “complete” feeling to it.

Infinity Films can provide you with excellent pre-wedding and wedding photography services. We are dedicated to making your day memorable and from the moment you contact us to the moment your photos are delivered, you will feel that we are madly in love with what we do!

Photo source: Jesse Clockwork

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