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Should My Vows Be Videoed?

Weddings are emotional and beautiful and this is why many people want to keep them alive in their memory forever. Getting a videographer to take care of this is one of the best options when it comes to keeping your Big Day fresh in your mind.


Many wander if their vows should be included in their video. Our answer is “yes” and there are many, many reasons that should make you opt for this. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Your wedding vows are the very foundation on which your marriage will be built. This moment definitely deserves space on your wedding video!!

  • The moment the couples share their vows is always extremely emotional and this alone should be a great reason to have it videoed by a pro.

  • A professional will really know how to capture this moment and how to blend it with the other amazing parts of your wedding. Looking at your wedding video years from now, you will realize that your videographer really picked the most beautiful moments at your wedding and that he/she created an amazing story with them.

Infinity Films can provide you with the best wedding video. We have the gear and the experience needed to create masterpieces of modern videography. Even more than that, we have the passion and the creativity needed to make sure that every single video we create is personalized to our clients’ story. We don’t simply “tape” weddings – we take them andwe take them and add your vision so that the final result is truly impressive. We want to bring tears of joy to our clients’ eyes every single time they watch our work so if that’s what you need from your videographer, contact us!

Photo source: GoonSquadSarah

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