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Makeup Ideas that Look Great on Film

We all know how important it is for a bride to feel gorgeous. Even if Mother Nature always makes sure every bride is beautiful, the truth is that all the ladies out there will go the extra mile to look amazing on their Big Day.


If you are concerned about the way you will look on your wedding film (and not just “live”), read on. We have picked up some great makeup ideas from the pro’s and they will help you look amazing on “glass”!

  • The number 1 rule to keep in mind when it comes to makeup for films is that you will need more makeup than the usual. The artificial lightning used by your videographer, as well as the recording itself can both lower the effect of your makeup – so make sure you talk about this with your makeup artist.

  • Dark eye shadow and nude lips create a dramatic effect that will appear stunning on film. Ask your makeup artist to create shades on your eyelids so that your eyes don’t look too dark though. Combining light and dark shades for a WOW effect.

  • If you are having a vintage-inspired wedding, go for red lips. That’s a classic bound to never die! However, if you do that, remember to keep the colors around your eyes and on your cheeks as neutral as you can. This way you will not look like you “overdid” it.

  • Here’s one secret for glamorous eyes that look incredibly large and beautiful on film: fake eyelashes. Even if you are not generally a fan of this makeup accessory, this is a big day for you and using fake eyelashes will compliment your entire wedding look.

As for the film itself, leave it up to us. Infinity Films will shoot an amazing video for your magic wedding – and many years from now, watching what we have created, you will thank yourself for having picked us.

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