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HD Cameras – Will They Show My Flaws?

Your wedding is the kind of moment that really deserves to be recorded the best way possible – both through videos and through photos. Hiring a great photographer/videographer for your Big Day is, of course, extremely important and both his/her equipment and his/her mastery of the camera will matter.


However, a lot of brides and grooms worry about the fact that an HD camera may show flaws both in the videos and in the photos. While this could be true in certain cases, there are other things you should definitely consider as well:

  • A professional photographer really knows how to put you in the best light – both in the metaphorical sense of the word and in the very literal one. He/she will use artificial and natural lightning to emphasize your most beautiful features and he/she will know exactly how to make you look stunning in your wedding album (and/or video).

  • Keep in mind that makeup does play an important role. With the help of a good makeup artist, you will be able to have makeup that looks nice both “in real life” and “on screen” as well.

  • Also, remember that your photographer will most likely ask you if you want your photos/videos to be slightly retouched.

  • An HD camera will show more details of your face and body, that is true. However, you should not take this as a disadvantage, but as an actual benefit. You will look more natural and that superb glow all brides and grooms get on their Big Day will definitely be “caught on tape” with great success if an HD camera is used.

If you want your wedding video and photos to be just as unforgettable as this big day in your life, don’t forget to contact Infinity Films. Our marvelous services are at your disposal – leave yourself in our hands and we guarantee you will not regret having done so.

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