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Quinceanera Videos

In the South American culture (and not only), the moment a girl turns 15 is one of the most important ones in her life. For many of the girls out there, their Quinceaneras are just as important as their wedding day. Naturally, they will want to truly shine on their birthday and they will want this moment to be preserved forever.


Hiring a professional videographer for your Quinceanera is a great idea and there are many reasons a lot of the parents choose to do this. Why would you (or your parents) book a videographer for this big day in your life? Here are the things that may convince you:

  • Your parents or a friend can, indeed, record the event with the help of a camera. However, you should definitely know that a professional videographer’s techniques, know-how and equipment will always be better and they will always help creating a really high quality video.

  • This is a special day in your life. You only turn 15 once and if you want everything to be perfect (just as you would with your wedding day), you will definitely appreciate having a professional videographer take care of “preserving” this magic day on “tape”.

  • Keep in mind that a videographer will know how to emphasize your natural beauty and that he/she will know how to capture the essential moments at your quinceanera. Once this day is over, he/she will blend the images together in a video that looks professional and beautiful. Years from now, you will watch your quinceanera video and these beautiful hours will come back to life right before your eyes!

Infinity Films can help you create a quinceanera video that is truly remarkable from all points of view. Our equipment, our creativity and our passion for perfection will definitely help us record a video worthy of a real princess!

Photo source: Christopher.Michel

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