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Wedding Invitations as well as “Save the Date” cards give your guests the first glimpse of your Big

We all want our wedding days to be special – and this starts with the right invitations and with the right “Save the Date” cards. We have put together a list of amazing ideas, so make sure to read on and find your inspiration.

  • Scratch-off invitations. Make your guests feel like they’ve won the lottery ticket by sending them scratch-off invitations. You can choose whatever design you want for these, as long as the wedding date and location are “hidden” underneath a “scratch-off”. This is a really fun idea every guest will appreciate.

  • Balloons. Have your message written on a balloon and stick it to the invitation or to the “Save the Date” card. You can write anything you want on the balloon (wedding date, location and so on) and you can have the balloon and the writing match your wedding colors too.

  • Film canister invitations. Instead of an actual film, your weddings will pull out the wedding invitation. Since there’s plenty of space, you can also write a cute message or you can add a very brief timeline of your love story on the “film”.

  • A mini-board game. Use your imagination and create a mini-board game with your love story as the main “plot”. This is extremely fun and it will surely be something your guests don’t see every day!

  • A paper airplane with the directions on it. If you plan on having a destination wedding, there’s nothing more appropriate to replace the traditional invitation or “Save the Date” card. Have the date of the wedding and the exact location written on a paper compass that comes with the plane.

Infinity Films can be there for you on your Big Day too. Don’t hesitate to call for our services if you need an excellent photographer or videographer – we will make sure your wedding day is “preserved” forever!

Photo source: DaveOnFlickr

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