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Leave your wedding in style with these unique exit ideas:

Every moment of your wedding will be unforgettable – even (or, better said, especially) the moment you leave your guests and “take off” to your honeymoon. If you want to exit the wedding in style, don’t forget to check out with the following unique ideas because they will definitely provide you with some great inspiration.

  • A simple car decorated with a simple handmade chalkboard sign that says “The Hunt Is Over”. Decorate the car with seasonal flowers and greenery and it will make for the perfect rustic-chic wedding exit.

  • If you want to be even more rustic than that, the classic red pickup truck is precisely what you need. If your wedding takes place in the countryside, finding one such truck will be no problem at all. You can go for a freshly painted, shiny one or you can choose one that looks as if it had been running errands all day long – both options will look great in their own way.

  • A vintage car decorated with luscious flowers and a simple “Just Married” sign. For a pop of grandeur, decorate the trees along the first part of the road with beautiful strings of lights. This works especially if you plan on having a vintage/Great Gatsby-inspired wedding.

  • A motorcycle with a side chair. Nobody says you have to use a car to leave your wedding. A motorcycle can be a really unique idea and it will definitely make for some great photos. You can choose one that has a side chair or you could simply ride it – your choice!

  • A carriage. If you want to feel like a true princess both when you arrive at the wedding and when you take off, hire a carriage. There’s a wide range of carriages you can rent for events such as this one – from Cinderella carriages to extremely classy ones.

Whatever way you choose to exit the wedding, don’t forget to book Infinity Films so that we can shoot the most amazing “wedding exit” photos for your album. With our videography and photography services, your wedding will be “preserved” the perfect way for a very long time from now on!

Photo source: aleske

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