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Wedding “Thank You” cards let your guests know how important they are, here are some ideas on how to

Weddings are happy events for everyone involved in them: from the bride and groom to the guests themselves. If you want to make your guests feel great, don’t forget to send them some thoughtful “Thank You” cards because they will definitely appreciate the gesture. Here are some ideas to inspire you on this:

  • Chalkboard “Thank You”. If your wedding was rather casual, a chalkboard “Thank You” card will be more than adequate. Ask your photographer to take a photo of you and your spouse dressed in your wedding outfits and holding a chalkboard sign saying “Thank you”. If you want to, you can replace the chalkboard with something more rustic (wooden signs, for example) or with something more elegant (a mirror inspired by the vintage 20s, for example). Simple and cute, these cards will melt your guests’ hearts!

  • Book “Thank You”. Write a big “Thank You” on the pages of a book and hold it up for the “Thank You” card picture. This is a great way of showing your guests your gratitude for having been there for you on the day that symbolizes the very beginning of your “book” as a married couple.

  • A longer message. If you feel that a mere “Thank You” will not be enough to show just how grateful you are, don’t be afraid to write a longer message. Write down your thoughts and tell your guests how happy you are they took some time to be there for you on your wedding day. If you want to, you can create “Thank You” cards consisting solely of this message – but you can also include a photo collage featuring the two of you as a married couple as well.

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Photo source: exactlythat

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