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Make your father/daughter dance special! Here are some tips on how to choose the right song for your

Nothing can compare to the overwhelming emotions “flooding” a man who sees that his baby girl has grown up – and that now it’s the time for her to get married. The father/daughter dance is special precisely because the relationship between a father and his baby daughter cannot be compared to anything else in the world. If you want to make this moment unique from all points of view, make sure you follow the next tips and choose a song that truly means something for both of you:

  • Listen carefully. Really, there may be a lot of songs about dads and their daughters, but they are not all meant to fit the relationship between you and your own father. Listen to the lyrics, listen to the flow of the song and to its instrumentals – make sure it really speaks to you and that it would really speak to your dad as well.

  • Does your father have any favorite musician or band? Try to listen to that musician’s music and see if he/she doesn’t have anything that would be suitable for your father/daughter dance. Sometimes, the songs don’t have to be explicitly about the love of a father towards his daughter and they can be about other types of emotions/stages of life as well (for instance, it can be a song about growing up).

  • Don’t be afraid to look into the more “modern” songs too, especially if you know your father would enjoy one for his special moment with you. However, as mentioned in the very beginning, you should definitely make sure you listen very carefully to the lyrics and that they send the right message.

Here at Infinity Films, we love the nervousness and emotion floating in the air of every wedding we attend. If you want us to be there and capture all these amazing, once-in-a-lifetime moments, call us and let’s talk about your Big Day!

Photo source: mark sebastian

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