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How is your wedding photography going to be taken?

Preserving one of the most beautiful days of your life is, of course, essential. However, you should know that wedding photography comes in many “shapes” and that you have the liberty to choose how your wedding photo album will look like as well. What are the most commonly encountered types of wedding photography? Read on, find out more and decides which of them suits you best:

  • Portrait/posed photography. This is probably one of the most commonly encountered types of wedding photography out there. In general, the photographer will be able to give you instructions on how to poste for the photos. Also, it is worth keeping in mind that this kind of photography usually looks very polished and that the “poses” will be noticed in the final photos – however, it is a very popular choice precisely because it makes it easier for the brides and grooms to get the beautiful photos they want.

  • Commercial photography. As the name of this category suggests it, commercial photography is meant to sell a product. While your wedding album will not actually sell anything, commercial photography can make it appear like a fashion catalog. For instance, aside from the photos of you, your future husband and your wedding party, the photographer may choose to take photos of the venue, of the centerpieces, of the wedding gown before you put it on and so on.

  • Photojournalistic photography. Of all the types of photography, this is one of the most natural and spontaneous ones. As opposed to “posed” photos, photojournalistic photos will capture the essence of the moment without having you actually “pose”. The photographer will take photos of spontaneous moments that happen at your wedding and he/she will include them in the final version of the wedding album.

Infinity Films can help you preserve the most beautiful and emotional day of your life. Our creativity, our experience and our equipment are here at your disposal – just give us a call and let’s talk about how you would like your wedding photos to be taken!

Photo source: MaloMalverde

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