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Take a look at the top questions you should be asking your wedding photographer:

Hiring a photographer is an essential part of your wedding planning. If you want him/her to be able to preserve the most beautiful day of your life in an equally beautiful way, you should definitely make sure you hire the right person. How do you do this and, even more important, what are the top questions you should definitely not forget to ask your photographer? Read on and find out more.

  • How experienced is he/she? Can he/she give you some references? Even more than that, can he/she show you galleries of weddings that were similar to yours? Seeing your photographer’s past work and what previous couples think of his/her service is extremely important.

  • Don’t forget to ask about “technicalities” too. Ask your photographer if he/she will use film or digital equipment. Also, ask him/her if he/she can retouch the photos (and how many of them he/she will retouch as well).

  • Does he/she have liability insurance? You don’t want to think of anything awful such as a theft happening on your wedding day, but it’s always better to be safe rather than to be sorry. Although the liability insurance is not strictly related to you, it will be a sign of the seriousness your photographer shows in his/her work.

  • How many photos will he/she take? When and how will you receive them and how much will everything cost? You need to know exactly how many photos you will get for the money so that you can decide on their style and talk about it with your photographer.

  • Does he/she have a refund/cancellation policy? And what happens if the photographer is ill on your wedding day or if something unexpected arises and he/she is not able to attend it? Make sure all these things are very clear to you and that they are written down in the contract too.

Here at Infinity Films, we provide exquisite photography services for couples who want to preserve their Big Day the most beautiful way there is. Professional, dedicated, creative and experienced, we can help you create the wedding album or photo book you have always dreamed of having for your wedding!

Photo source: johnhope14

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