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Be unique when creating your signature wedding cocktails! Here are some ideas:

Obviously, nobody attends weddings with the sole purpose of drinking. However, as the bride and groom, you will want your guests to feel great while at your wedding – and this includes serving them great drinks too.


If you want to make the night really special, take into consideration the option of creating a signature cocktail for your wedding. Here are some great ideas to inspire you on this:

  • Popsicles. Since summer is right around the corner, you might want to help your guests cool off with a “popsicle cocktail” created especially for your Big Day. Combine summery flavors (such as watermelon, for example) with delicious drinks and freeze them up! Your guests will love the idea!

  • Craft beers. Alright, these may not be actual “cocktails”, but they’re a definite treat for anyone. There are tons of craft beers you can choose from and the idea goes perfectly with late spring and summer weddings (and even more so with outdoor weddings), so why not use this for your Big Day?

  • Vintage cocktails. If you plan on having a vintage wedding, serving some vintage cocktails is a great way to complement the theme. There are a lot of cocktails that have simply “disappeared” from the “bar scene” and with a bit of research you can definitely find some really delicious ones.

  • Non-alcoholic cocktails. If you don’t want to serve alcohol at the wedding or if you know there will be a lot of guests who will not have alcoholic drinks, create a non-alcoholic signature cocktail too. The options are virtually unlimited and all you need is a dash of creativity to bring your ideas to life…and into the glasses! Extra tip: Serve some non-alcoholic cocktails and ice-tea before the ceremony too, especially if you are “foreseeing” a hot summer day ahead of you.

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Photo source: Komen Austin

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