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Country themes are popular for summer weddings, here are some ways to customize yours:

Summer weddings are really beautiful – and country themes tend to be really popular precisely because the weather outside allows for it. If you plan on having a country-themed wedding too, don’t forget to check with the following ideas because you will surely find them inspiring:


  • Invitations and stationery. Make sure your wedding invitations and stationery are customized according to the theme. You can include motifs that are related to the country theme: horses, flowers, trees/branches and so on.

  • Wild flowers for the bouquet. While white/pastel roses and peonies are still very popular with brides, wild flowers are announced to be a very important trend this year. They are fabulous for a variety of reasons: they work marvelously with country-themed weddings, they are unique and they tend to be less expensive too (especially because they are “seasonal” during the summer).

  • The aisle. Make sure to decorate the aisle in a “country” way too. For instance, you could have a wedding canopy made out of bare branches and decorate it with your wedding flowers to create that “rustic” appeal everyone loves so much these days.

  • Chairs and tables. For a chic country look, go for very simple tables covered in white linens and with white tableware too. Add centerpieces made with wild flowers and nature-inspired vases. Also, choose chairs that are made out of wood and go well with the theme as well.

  • The cake. Pick a wedding cake to be suitable for your theme too. For example, you can go with a frosted cake decorated with seasonal berries and fruit. You can also choose a beautiful naked cake decorated with flowers and fruit as well (and this will be a very delicious and unique option).

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Photo source: Zane Mulligan

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