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Being a Bridesmaid is not always a wanted task, here are some delicate ways to say no:

For a lot of the ladies out there, being asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honor. However, if you are among those who don’t actually want to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding, you will want to find a way to say this politely. How to do it? Here are some tips to help you out:


  • Be honest, specific and straightforward. There’s really no better way to do this. Simply tell the bride that you cannot fulfill your role as a bridesmaid – and give her a clear reason why as well (because you are not in a good place with your finances, because you are very busy and cannot help her a lot, and so on). Make sure you are clear in your explanation because otherwise she may think that you have something personal against her or against her future marriage.

  • Furthermore, don’t forget to be specific about the fact that you are thrilled to hear she is getting married and that you do consider her invitation to be a great honor for you. Something along the lines of “I am very happy and honored you have chosen me as your bridesmaid; however, my finances/time don’t allow me to be the attendant you really need” is acceptable to say. Also, make sure you mention that you would be delighted to be a guest at her wedding.

  • Remember to always do this either in person or over the phone. Emails, texts and IM chats can be a bit too impersonal and they can leave a lot of room for interpretations (especially because the bride will not be able to see or hear you). Furthermore, remember not to accept anyone else’s invitation to be a bridesmaid in the same time span because this will definitely offend the bride!

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Photo source: KittyKaht

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