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Here are some hints to know when the wedding stress is getting too intense:

Wedding planning can be stressful – and that’s something every bride-to-be (or everyone who has already been through the process of planning a wedding) can agree on. How can you know when the wedding stress is getting too intense, though? Here are some hints to help you with this:'

  • It’s not fun anymore. When you notice that wedding planning has lost any trace of fun, it may be time for you to stop, breathe in and take a break from everything. Take your friends and go to a spa, go out with your fiancé or simply watch a movie you like.

  • You and/or your fiancé have considered (in a more or less serious way ) the option of eloping instead of having a wedding. If you start feeling that elopement is a good idea although you have always dreamed of your “proper” wedding, it may be because the wedding planning stress has caught on to you. Most likely, you did not want to elope from the very beginning – and now’s definitely not the right time to leave all of your hard work and dreams and simply run off. Sure, if that’s what you truly wanted, elopement can be a good idea – but only if you really, really want this.

  • You change your mind on everything. Chances are that last-minute changes are just a sign that the stress is overwhelming you. Before calling your florist, caterer or wedding venue to let them know of your change of heart, make sure you seriously consider why you are doing this.

  • Nothing much has happened between you and your fiancé. Lack of sexual drive can be a serious sign that you are way too stressed out. As mentioned in the first tip, this is definitely the time to take a break from all wedding planning tasks and spend some time with the one you love.

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Photo source: quinn.anya

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