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Incorporating your wedding with a holiday gives you even more of a reason to celebrate!

Weddings are huge celebrations in someone’s life – and when they are paired with other holidays, they can turn out absolutely unforgettable. If you want “more than one reason to celebrate” on your Big Day, here are some holiday-themed wedding ideas to inspire you!

  • St. Patrick’s Day. Green is a marvelous choice for a wedding – and what other holiday works best with green than St. Patrick’s Day? Plus, if you have Irish people in your family and you want to bring this into your wedding, this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so.

  • Christmas. Over the course of the past several years, Christmas weddings have become increasingly popular – and not without reason. Elegant, really beautiful and full of joy, a Christmas wedding is perfect for those of you simply in love with winter holidays. Bring in red, green, pinecones, food and drinks infused with Christmas flavors and you will create a Christmas wedding your guests will not forget very soon.

  • Mardi Gras. Always wanted to host a big Mardi Gras party or masquerade-themed party? Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to do this. Gold, silver, black and rich shades of purple, red, blue and green work marvelously with this theme. Plus, the entire “wearing masks” thing will add a touch of mystery and elegance to your wedding too.

  • Halloween. If you want to think out of the box and if you want a truly unique wedding, Halloween is the perfect holiday for you. Yes, Halloween weddings can be just as elegant and fabulous as “normal” weddings too. Plus, they are really original and they will leave plenty of room for your creativity to play out.

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