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Some gifts are really worth buying off of the wedding registry:

Buying a wedding gift can always be a tough choice – even when there’s already a wedding registry available and you simply have to pick an option from there. If you want to purchase something unique for your friends’ wedding and if you want to make sure they will love your gift even if it’s off the wedding registry, make sure to read on. We have gathered some of the most amazing wedding gift options out there – and there’s absolutely no reason for your friends not to love them!

  • Beer brewing kit. What could be more exciting and relaxing than brewing your own homemade beer? Give your friends the opportunity to do this and they will thank you for a long time from now on. Great for beer lovers and people who like handcrafted products!

  • Terrarium kit. If you know your friends are the kind who always want to have nature close to them, a terrarium kit would be more than great as a choice. Beautiful, unique and really interesting, this is the kind of gift nobody expects but so many people love!

  • Cooking class. Are your friends passionate about cooking? Give them (or just one of them if you think that would be more suitable) a cooking class. Learning everything from scratch will most likely be really exciting for them so they will definitely be more than happy that you had such a great idea for their wedding gift.

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Photo source: wizardofozgurl

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