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Create a beautiful wedding “Thank You” note!

Once your wedding is gone and you are back from the honeymoon, you should make sure to send your guests some thoughtful “Thank You” notes. After all, a lot of them have come a long way to be there for you when you tied the knot and they do deserve all of your appreciation and care. But what are some of the most important things to know about sending “Thank You” notes after the wedding? Read on and find out more.


  • Choose beautiful stationery. If you want to, you can order the “Thank You” notes as soon as you order the wedding invitations and the other pieces of wedding stationery. Also, you can make the “Thank You” cards match the wedding stationery as well. Whatever you choose though, remember that good stationery can really say a lot so you should definitely take your time in making this decision.

  • Nice pens, stamps and dual signatures can add a lot to the “Thank You” cards. These things may sound like insignificant details, but trust us when we say that most of the wedding guests will notice if the pen was really bad and it “bled” unto the other side and they will also notice if you use personalized stamps as well.

  • Make sure you are personal. This is actually the most important tip of advice you could receive and you should absolutely keep it in mind! Yes, writing 100 “Thank You” notes on a personal tone can be difficult and it can be time-consuming, but when it comes to this, there’s simply no other way!

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Photo source: brand0con

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