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Do you know who should be included in your Bridal Party?

Your bridal party is more than important because it will help you plan a wedding that’s more than beautiful. Do you know who should be include in your Bridal Party, though? Read on and find out more.


  • The honor attendant (the Maid of Honor and/or the Bes Man). If you want everything to run smoothly at your wedding, you will definitely want to make sure you choose the right Maid of Honor and/or Best Man. Although their tasks may not seem like a lot, the truth is that they will contribute to your wedding by a lot.

  • The ring bearer and/or the flower girl. Add energy and beauty to your wedding by including a ring bearer and/or a flower girl in your wedding. Keep in mind though: the little ones may get very nervous so it is extremely important that you rehearse everything with him/her before the Big Day.

  • The parents. The Mother and Father of the Bride and Groom are obviously included in the wedding party. In general, they don’t have to wear the same clothes as the bridesmaids and groomsmen – but they can definitely match their clothes with the bridesmaids’ too.

  • The wedding party members that have a role connected to your religion or to special religious traditions. For instance, if you plan on having a Jewish wedding, someone in the wedding party has to carry the “huppah” (the wedding canopy that has to be held up during the ceremony).

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Photo source: Ann

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