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Wedding bars are full of life! Create the perfect sign for it

Weddings are full of joy and positive energy regardless of whether or not you choose to serve alcohol. If you do though, make sure you create a wedding bar to really suit the “mood” of everyone invited – they will be more than delighted to see that you have thought of every tiny detail. And if you are running out of ideas, here are some very nice wedding bar suggestions to really inspire you for your Big Day:

  • Wine corks. Are you a wine lover? Then decorate your wedding bar with wine corks. If you have enough of them, you can even write “B-A-R” on the actual bar – and this works especially well for outdoor, casual weddings.

  • Felling pun-y? Use song lyrics to transform them into an invitation for a drink. For instance, you could write “You’ll be my glass of wine/I’ll be your glass of whiskey” on your wedding bar sign and your guests will surely love the idea.

  • Include your special signature cocktail on your wedding bar sign. If you have created one or two signature drinks for the wedding, you could base your wedding bar sign on their names – and this will add a lot of uniqueness to the entire setting. Moreover, if you want to, you can create a beautiful framed sign that includes all of the drinks served at the bar too. This way, your guests will find it easier to select their favorite drink.

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Photo source: ajusticenetwork

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