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Be creative when choosing the look for your Groom, there are many options!

Of course, brides are traditionally the center of attention when it comes to weddings. However, that doesn’t mean that Grooms don’t like the idea of looking really good on their wedding day too. What are some of the best looks for Grooms this year? Here are some ideas that will definitely inspire you and your future husband:


  • A bit of color. No, black and white tuxedoes have not gone out of style. But if you and your groom want his look to be a bit more “colorful”, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t settle for the idea. From colored tuxedoes to vibrant accessories (such as a bright-colored tie, for example), there are tons of options for every style.

  • Going casual. It happens very often that grooms feel that they absolutely have to wear a tux on their wedding day. Yet, that’s not completely true. He can wear a tuxedo if he wants to, but these days it is more than acceptable to wear a more casual suit (and it is even a great idea to wear no tie at all).

  • Luxurious fabrics. Even a simple, dark navy-colored suit can instantly become stylish if you choose the right fabric for it. For instance, a velvet jacket for his suit will look absolutely gorgeous and it will instantly make him look as if he had just gotten off the most fashionable runways.

Regardless of what your groom-to-be may choose to wear on his Big Day, don’t forget that hiring a good photographer will be absolutely essential. Here at Infinity Films, we provide high quality photography and videography services in Hollywood, Florida – so if you are looking for someone that’s more than talented and truly creative, we are the answer. Call us and find out more about our services!

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