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Having a beach wedding? Here are some great color themes to inspire you:

Oh, beach weddings! They are so fabulous almost every bride-to-be has considered the option at least once throughout her entire wedding planning process. If you are among those who actually settled for the idea, you will definitely want to find a color theme that works perfectly with the beach atmosphere too. Following, we have gathered some of the very best ideas out there – so make sure to read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Navy and pink shades. Who said navy only works with white? Combine it with a superb shade of coral and add a daring dash of fuchsia pink and your wedding will look magazine-worthy for sure. There are many ways to incorporate these colors together – but make sure you balance them out with a neutral (such as white), so that the wedding décor doesn’t look too “crowded”.

  • Silver and nude shades. If you want a more neutral and elegant touch to your wedding, this is the perfect color combination to go for. It will look absolutely stunning with the sand and the sea in the background and it will surely steal your guests’ hearts away.

  • Yellow and orange shades. Want to be playful with your wedding décor? Bring together the liveliness of yellow and orange to create something that’s daring, full of energy and youthful – just like your love story is as well. This is a color combination that’s truly unique and magical!

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Photo source: LIndsayLMHC

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