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Plan a beautiful cocktail hour with these tips:

Having a cocktail hour has become more and more customary among brides and grooms – and honestly, it’s a really great idea. It will give you enough time to shoot amazing photos and it will keep your guests entertained while you do this too.

How to plan a beautiful cocktail hour, though? Here are some tips to inspire you:

  • Create an atmosphere. Simply providing your guests with drinks is not enough – you have to set the mood for the party too. Offer them comfortable seating, have a band or a DJ play some lounge, jazz or classical music and make sure the décor surrounding your guests really goes with everything around it.

  • Having a signature cocktail is a “must”. Talk to a bartender and see what you can create together. Depending on your wedding theme and preferences, there may be a lot of variations to try out, so you’ll surely find something to suit you. Even more, you don’t even to stop at just one signature cocktail – you can have more than one created and you can name them according to special moments in your life as a couple, according to the wedding party members, and so on.

  • Appetizers are also very important. Don’t keep your guests hungry! Serve them some passed appetizers to “train” their taste buds for the meal to come. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in these snacks – but do use your creativity when picking them and think “outside of the box” to come up with something your guests will really love.

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Photo source: Jeda Villa Bali

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