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3 wedding planning surprises you should be prepared for

They say no matter how much you plan at home, you will never be ready for what actually happens out there, in the world. And this is just as true for wedding planning as it is for just about any other type of plans you may make in your life.

Of course, nobody says you should not plan for the Big Day – but you should also make sure to be prepared for certain “surprises” as well. What are some of the most important wedding planning “unexpected events” you should get ready for? Read on and find out more.

  • Crying. You can be the toughest person on Earth – but wedding planning will most likely squeeze at least a couple of tears out of you. They may be sad-tears or happy-tears and one thing is for sure: they will be unexpected, out of the blue and they might not make much sense to the people around you.

  • The groom. You should expect your groom to not care about the things you thought he would care about. And you should also expect him to care about the things you thought he would not care at all. Just as you, he will be a complete surprise throughout the wedding planning process – and you should be prepared for this.

  • The planning itself. If you are thinking of throwing a less formal, more casual wedding because it will take less effort to plan it out, think again. Casual weddings take just as much time and effort as fancy weddings. They may not be as expensive, but they can still stress you out to the max.

The wedding planning process is worth it though – and you will realize this the moment you see your wedding photos. If you want the album to look flawless, artistic and full of emotion, contact Infinity Films. With our experience, tools and creativity, your wedding will be “preserved” in the most beautiful way there is!

Photo source: Lui Studio

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