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Do you want to be bold on your wedding day? Try these unique outfit ideas!

Although most brides choose to wear white on their wedding day, the truth is that this is not absolute must if you don’t want to do it. In fact, if you want to be really bold with your wedding look, there are plenty of other ideas you can incorporate in it. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Yellow and white. This is perfect for a bride who wants to feel casual and romantic at the same time. Create a gorgeous outfit with a long, yellow skirt and a lightweight blouse and you will look absolutely stunning.

  • Black. They say black works with everything – so why wouldn’t it work very well on your wedding day too? If you want to, you can combine it with white and “melt it down” a bit – or you can wear an all-black dress just as well.

  • Grey dress. Silver and dusty grey are great choices for wedding gowns despite the season outside. Just imagine how gorgeous your bridal bouquet would pop with such colors as background!

  • Blue. If you want to stick to the “Something Blue” tradition, why not make it with your entire wedding dress? There are a lot of beautiful shades of blue you can use – from ice blue to baby blue and even sapphire blue – and they will all look really beautiful on you as a bride.

  • Orange. Despite what some may believe, orange can be a truly classy choice – so why not go for it on your wedding day? Go for a lacey orange dress if you want to be both extremely bold with your fashion statement and if you want to feel vibrant and full of positive energy.

  • Ombre. Bring white and your favorite color in an “ombre” dress and it will look stunning! This is the perfect way of being both traditional and unconventional at the same time!

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Photo source: mateoutah

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