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4 Getting-Ready ideas you and your bridesmaids will love!

Of all the moments in a woman’s life, none is as full of emotions, nervousness and beauty as the moment she is getting ready for her Big Day. If you want to make this moment truly special and if you want your Getting Ready photos too look really nice, here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Shirts. Buy matching shirts for you and your bridesmaids. From cozy checkered shirts to manly shirts with your monogram on them, there’s a truly wide range of options available out there – and they are all comfortable, sweet and fun as well.

  • Bow tank tops. This is a budget-friendly option for those of you who want to wear matching outfits with your bridesmaids. Pick tank tops in your wedding colors, add ribbons or bows to them and they will look really cute and fashionable!

  • Emergency kits. Make sure both you and your bridesmaids are ready for any unpleasant situation that may arise. Prepare emergency kits containing band-aids, makeup, a mini-kit to help solve dress issues and other items that would be helpful in the eventuality of a small accident during the wedding day.

  • Hanger tags. Want your photographer to shoot some artistic photos of your wedding gown and of your bridesmaids’ dresses? Buy personalized hanger tags – they will add uniqueness and personality to your hangers (and thus, to your photos as well).

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Photo source: PrincessAshley

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