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A Halloween wedding doesn’t have to be spooky! Add some elegance with these ideas:

Long gone are the days of white crinoline wedding dresses and planning the Big Day according to the finest rules of etiquette. Although most rules are followed today as well, brides and grooms want to show off a bit of their own personality too – and there’s truly no harm in it.

Take, for example, Halloween weddings. Once considered to be something completely out of the ordinary, they are more and more appreciated today – and not without reason. They are unique, full of energy and personality – and they allow you to use your creativity when creating the wedding décor too.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Halloween weddings don’t have to be (just) spooky. Here are some of our favorite elegant Halloween wedding ideas:

  • Victorian “Spooky”. Combine Victorian elements and Halloween motifs and you will create the kind of wedding décor that will simply WOW your guests. Some well-placed antique items, a very vintage dress and some spookily elegant elements and your wedding décor will be genuine and unique.

  • Add some “preciousness”. Pumpkins are an all-times classic when it comes to Halloween. And while they look great in arrangements in their natural color, you can also spray paint them with silver or gold for a more elegant touch. Use them for your centerpieces, for your place card holders and even as décor for your ceremony aisle.

  • Black and wine. Create a wedding color theme inspired by Morticia Addams’ look and your Big Day will be both timelessly elegant and very Halloween-like too. Add some black lace on your wedding tables and your décor will be simply stunning!

Infinity Films can help you preserve this special day forever. Contact us today, find out more about our photography and videography services in Hollywood, Florida and book us for your unforgettable wedding day!

Photo source: Wonderlane

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