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Take a look at why lighting is so important in creating a beautiful ambiance at your wedding recepti

Wedding planning can be exhilaratingly stressful at times. Every detail has to be in its own place – and for every element of a wedding, there seems to be an endless array of options to choose from.

Your lighting should not fall on the last spot on your to-do list, though. As a matter of fact, good (or bad) lighting can make (or break) the entire atmosphere, so it’s really important to decide on what’s best for you, what looks best with your venue and what complements your wedding theme too.

How to do this and why is it so important that you do it carefully? Read on and find out more.

  • Poor lighting can make your guests feel uncomfortable. The last thing you want is everyone trying to stare through a poorly illuminated room. Or people being blinded by neon lighting, for that matter. You need to create a state of comfort for your guests – and your lighting makes no exception from this.

  • Your lighting should be part of the wedding theme. Planning a rustic outdoor wedding? Beautiful lanterns will complement it beautifully. Want to have a magical, whimsical wedding? Festoon lights arranged on the ceiling of your venue will work like a wonder! Your lighting is meant to be part of your décor – and one of its most important parts, really.

  • Your photos will not look spectacular. With poor lighting come lower quality photos. Sure, your photographer should be prepared to cover for just about any type of situation, but he cannot create the warm atmosphere of the candle lights or the opulent appeal given by tall ballroom chandeliers.

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Photo source: palmero

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